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As you can see, I kind of like playing with webpages. On this page, I show you some of the pages I have designed or coded or both. Most if not all of it, I am the webmaster for the page. Some pages is for staff only, like the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference page. For this reason, I put the index page up but the links go no where. Just to let you see what it looks like.

   WCCCC Planning Commitee 2006
This is my last webmaster position I do for WCCCC. It's not like I don't like serving them, but I think someone else should do this, instead of me for the forth year. Three years is long enough. This is the final page I made for Internal Web for WCCCC. Jan, 2006 - Aug, 2006

   WCCCC Executive Commitee 2005
I tried something new on this one. A lot of it is written with CSS. The only problem is that it don't show up very good on Firefox. I won't be doing it like that no more next time. Either that or I need to learn more CSS so Firefox will show it the way I want. This one Last for around 6 months. From June 2005 - Jan 2006.

   WCCCC Planning Commitee 2005
Since I got very little time to finish this version, so it looks almost like the last version. Basically it's the same, with new icons. The pictures on top is randomized. I added javascript that does that so that is pretty cool. If I am still doing the next version, then I should be able to do something that looks different then the last two pages. It's around six months turn around time so I should start pretty soon. Maybe around May. From Jan 2005 - June2005

   WCCCC Executive Commitee 2004
I was only going to do internal webmaster for a year but there was no replacements. So after the staff searched for a while and still can't find anyone, I took up another year of webmaster. So it should end next Jun. This is also why the page didn't finish until late. This page didn't last one since I have to make a new one in January. From around Sep2004 - Jan 2005

   WCCCC Planning Commitee 2004
New year came and a new set of members, so I remade the page to reflect the change and the new information that would be needed. I kind of like this design with the Kanji that's split two colors. From around Jan2004 - Sep 2004

   WCCCC Executive Commitee 2003
My first design for the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference staff page. Here is a link to the frontpage of the webpage for the public. I am not the webmaster for that. That would be the external webmaster, and I am the internal webmaster. I didn't really know what was going on this first page so it's not where I want the page to be at, but this is just the first attempt at it. From around Jul 2003 - Jan 2004