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While I was in the Navy, I went to a lot of Countries. This page will just show the Countries I have been to. It also includes the countries I went to before and after the Navy. I will just list the Countries in the order of me visiting it. Click on the small pictures to see the large size ones.

I was born here so it make sense to list this one first. I moved to the US at the age of 6 so I don't have too much memories of my home town in China. I went back again while I was with the Navy in 97' We went to Tsing-Tao, the place where they make Tsingtao beer. We then went on a sight seeing trip to Beijing, and saw the Great-Wall, Tinaman Square, Summer Palace, and The Forbidden City.

   Hong Kong
I have been to Hong Kong a few times. First time was when I was 6, right when we left China. The second time was in early 1996, when I stopped by with the Navy. This was before the Turn-over to China. The third time was after the turn over in late 1997. Again, that was with the Navy.

   United States
Now I lived in the United States. I had a chance to visit Hawaii as well while in the Navy. Too bad I didn't do a lot because we only had half a day to do things so that is why my friends and I only went to the mall. Not that big and not too much of anything. We were docked at Pearl Harbor so we saw the memorial while passing by.

At age 16, my church friends Steve, Meng, and my brother Solomon decided to go on a road trip. We drove to Canada. It was after all three of there high school graduation so we drive and visit places on our way up to Vancouver. We visited Crader Lake, Portland, Or, Seatle, Wa, and into Canada. Hotels cost a lot over there so we slept in the States.

I went to Japan twice. The first time was in 1995 with the Navy. We pass by there and we did an Operation at Okinawa. We only stayed for a day and we went back to the ship. Second time was long. I stayed most of 6 months at Sasebo base. We went to other places as well so it's not a constant 6 months.

Singapore was the first real port we hit when I was in the Navy. After the one day of operation in Japan, and after about a month on the ocean, we got to Singapore for a 10 days vacation. Only duty days will stop us from going on to shore. I got duty every other days so I only went on shore for 5 out of the 10 days we were there. Still, I try to make the most of it.

   United Arab Emirates
After Singapore in Nov 1995, we sail into the Gulf area and the first port we visited there was United Arab Emirates (UAE). We visited UAE three times. Once when we went into the Gulf and another time was after we dropped off the Marines in Kuwait, and before we went back to pick them up. Last one was after we picked them up. I spent my New Years time on watch, looking at fireworks from the ship. So sad.

We were suppose to visit Bahrain 3 times. Once before we dropped of the Marines, Once after we dropped them off, and once after we picked them up. We only did it twice, because on the third time, there was a bombing near our base there so shore leave was cancelled. There were bombings before that one but it just wasn't very close to our base there.

We visited Kuwait twice. Once to drop off the Marines and once to pick them up. It is something to walk around the US base over there and see buildings still haven't been fixed or tanks still in it's bombed out look after 5 years since the Gulf War. Yes, we were there for the 5 year anniversary of the war.

This was the one port we visited without the Marines. While they were training in Kuwait, we went to Oman. We were anchored out at sea and to get to the land, we used our own Navy boat, the LCUs or Landing Craft Unit. Not the same as my hovercraft, the LCAC or Landing Craft Air Cushioned. LCUs are very very slow but holds more then LCACs. LCAC is about 5 times faster then LCUs, but holds half the load.

This was the first port we hit that the Captain allowed us to spend the night away from the ship. We stayed at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur. My three roommates are pretty dumb to eat the food in the refridge, cause we all know how much those things cost. It also cost money to go to public restrooms there. At least in the train station where someone went.

This was one of the favorite spots for the Navy folks. I think it is because things are so cheap there. My Navy buddies went to the beach area and just hang around. We also stopped and had lunch somewhere. We made sure to order bottled water. No need to get sick for those 3 days. I think I went to do some shopping the other day I was out.

Another place where we can spend the night away from the ship. I went with a Philippino who has relatives there. So it is more fun cause they don't bring us to where everyone else goes. We stayed at his brothers place for the night. It was pretty fun. We also went to a mall in Minila. It was really big.

I went to Korea twice. Once to visit and once to do an operation. This is in 1997. There is a lot of fake Nikes and everything for a very cheap price. You can get a full silk suit for like $40 or something like that. $50 for a leather jacket that would cost +$200. Don't really remembered the prices but it's cheap.

I went to Cambodia after the Navy, from Dec 2001 - Jan 2002. Four friends from church: Meng; Ivan; JoJo; Alex; and me went there to do a short-term mission trip for 3 weeks. It is such a great place to spread Jesus's story. The goverment allow missionaries to go there, so go if you have the opportunities.

   United Kingdom
This is the first trip I made to Europe. My friend Andy and me took a 2 week trip to Europe that includes nine Countries. This took place in Oct of 2006. UK is the first. We see Winsor Castle, Albert Hall, Kensington Park, Westminster, James Park, Nelson Column, Buckingham Palace, Chinatown, and the British Museum.

In France, we went to Arch De Treanc, Notre Dome, The Louve, Eifel Tower, Plaza de la Condord, Napolean's tomb, Galeries lafayeate, Versallies, and Senine River. Really nice places. Too bad we didn't stay too long and had only two days there.

Most of the time was spent on travel so it was dark by the time we got there, the next morning we checked out the city of Lucerne, then we head to Mt. Tittes in the Alps and went up to check it out. Great chocolates, and makers of watch and Swiss Army Knifes.

We went into Italy two times and we went to Milan, Tower of Pica, The Arno River in Florance, Rome, the Colosseum, Venes, and Tronchetto.

We visited this small City, Country inside France. This included Monte Carlo, the gambaling place. They have a lot of Ferrari here. A lot of rich people.

   Vatican City
This is another small Country within another Country. The Vatican City. We visited the only real place there, the St. Petersberg Church. They were having a service at the time since it was a Sunday when we visited it.

In Austria, we went to Viena, the music capital of the world, Schonbrunn, and the Danau River. We checked out some place where they filmed the movie "The Sound of Music". We also went to Salzburg, where Mozart was born.

BMW, Mercedies, Audi's Country. We went to Munich, and saw the Olympic stadium for 1972. It look very modern to me and this was built for 1972. We also went to Herdelberg, the Rhine River, and went to Cologn.

Amsterdamn in Holand is where we went to. Saw the Amstel River, and walked by the legal Red light district. There was marijuana in bunch of places.

I lived pretty close to Mexico in the 90's but never went in there. When I visted a friend in San diego on the weekend of the 17th of March 2007, we walked into Tiauana on the 18th. We just walked around a few hours and saw a few things and bought a souvenir.