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Here are some videos I did, plus the ones I was involved with. It is in WMV format, so you will need a PC to view. I don't think it works on a MAC.

   Cambodia Video
I did this just for fun for the five of us who went to Cambodia but later found out we were using it for the short-term sharing. I picked the song "This Road" by Jars of Clay not just because Jars of Clay is my favorate band, but also because of the words of the song. So listen to the word.
Date Completed: 01Mar2002 Runtime: 5:04 Size: 11.7 MB Format: WMV

   Praise Night SCBC
I was asked to do this video. The song is "The Change" by Steven Curtis Chapman. The song title and our theme for the praise night is the same, I guess that is why they picked this song.
Date Completed: 23Aug2002 Runtime: 3:46 Size: 8.74MB Format: WMV

   WCCCC PC Recruiting Video
I did this for WCCCC or West Coast Chinese Christian Conference. They wanted a video shown before they talked about PC or Planning Commitee to those who might be interested in it. It consist of only pictures with music added in. The song is from Jars of Clay called "Wicker Baskets." Very good music. It is just 2 acustic guitar plucking away.
Date Completed: 24Dec2002 Runtime: 2:47 Size: 6.53 MB Format: WMV

   Seattle Short-Term Mission
I didn't go to this trip, but I helped Alex in putting this video together. We did two videos together. The other one is the next video.
Date Completed: 16Oct2003 Runtime: 4:35 Size: 10.7MB Format: WMV

   Seattle Short-Term Mission Fun Video
This is the second video Alex and I did for the same Short-Term Mission trip, but this one's theme is fun, so this is the Seattle Fun video. Finished the same day.
Date Completed: 16Oct2003 Runtime: 4:51 Size: 11.8 MB Format: WMV

   Miso Wedding Video
This video is made for my brother's wedding. It's the one you show on the day of the wedding. I did another one before this one but that one was just a powerpoint slide show so I didn't include it in here. It was a long video as you can see, and as always, I don't have too much video to work with so it's mostly pictures.
Date Completed: 31Jul2005 Runtime: 12:06 Size: 27.8 MB Format: WMV

   SCBC 25th Anniversary Celebration
Our church celebrates our 25th Year Anniversary and had a big dinner, and invited a lot of people who used to come to our church but went to another church right now. The video I did was a timeline from the beginning, but there wasn't always time when we had pictures from, so it's another patch work. Just FYI, I did not pick the first song in this video.
Date Completed: 02Oct2005 Runtime: 4:51 Size: 21 MB Format: WMV