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I joined the US Navy after my high school days from 1994 - 1998. I went to Orlando, FL for my boot camp training. I was one of the last 6 companies to go through boot camp there. After us, they shut down Orlando as a boot camp base. The only boot camp for the US Navy from then on is just Great Lakes, IL.

After boot-camp, I went to Great Lakes, IL for my school in Gas Turbine Engines. That was a long 4 and a half months. I was stationed at ACU-5 in Camp Pendleton, Ca after that for the rest of my time in the Navy. I worked on hovercrafts or Landing Craft Air Cushioned(LCAC). My boat is LCAC-57, the best boat out there. They even had a postcard (Pictured above. I took off all the words on the picture) for my base and my boat is on it, the only one. I work as an Deck Engineer, or the eyes and ears of the Engineer who sit behind the control.

Did a lot of traveling but I'll list the places on the travel page. Overall, good experience and learn some stuff about the world. Didn't like standing watches though. The people in the military knows what that is.