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These are some pictures of the models that I made throughout the years. I started with American models. Mostly jets, but I made one helecopter, and tried some ship. I like the jets best. Then I went to do Japanese models. They are better and more detailed. Then I got into big and very detailed models, called Perfect Grade Models, from this company called BanDai. I've been making BanDai models since I started Japanese models

I started with American models. I liked jets, so I started to make American figher jets. The pictures are of the ones I got left. Some of them are given away and a few of them were distroyed by my brother.

   Bandai Models
I started to make Gundam models. I only like to make the 1/100th scale ones cause the 1/144th or smaller is not detailed and don't look very good. After a lot of Gundam models, I made some Evangelion ones. It was different so that was good, cause it gets a little repetative with the same kind of models.

   RX-178 Gundam MK-II AEUG
This is the first Perfect Grade Gundam I've made. It was a lot more fun then the High Grades or Master Grades, and the size of them and the details are great. I got his model off of Ebay and saved a lot. Can't find it for my price now a days. I got it less then the retail in Japan.

   MSZ-006 ZETA Gundam
This is the second Perfect Grade Gundam I made. This one can transform to a jet, but I've never transformed it because I don't want to mess up the model. This one got a lot of screws and metal parts and a lot of parts that light up. Really fun making this one.

   Shiki Garage Kit
This is Shiki and she is from the video game "Samarai Spirit" or "Samarai Showdown" here in the States. This is my first Garage Kit and it turns out alright I think. Not the best but pretty good for my first time. Need more airbrush practice. Hope I got time to do some more Garage Kits, because they look the best.

   GAT-X105 Strike Gundam
This model is from the anime Gundam Seed. This model also is the one that don't come with the full content. You have to buy the Aile Striker seperately. Aile Striker with the jet Skygrasper will be in a differnt album but Stike Gundam will be in there too.