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Hello everyone. This page is made to be an archive of my webpages. The link below will lead to the index page of the page, butthe links on the page will not go anywhere else. Just the index page.

   Version 5.1
This is my current version of webpage. It look almost like Version 5.0 except I changed the title from Swift in... to my original Swift Intruder, and I moved it to the right instead of being on the left. The real change is in the background. It's mostly database and it's dynamic. Before, most content are in html and all static, what you see is what I code, but now, it's PHP and mySQL and so some parts I just code once, and everyone will look the same, but you can't tell by looking at it or at the code since PHP don't show you how it's coded, not like javascript. I've also figured out what I want to put on the front page as you can see. Oct2007 - Current

   Version 5.0
I redesigned my site and made version 5.0. I never figured out what to put on the front page so it's basically blank. I kept the picture outline and size, but changed the color and other small changes. Since I can't get the domain that I want, I got Swiftin, or Swift in... meaning swift in whatever I do. Name is still from my original Swift Intruder from my Navy days. 12Dec2005 - 20Sep2007

   Anime Version 1.0
This is the first version of my Anime page. I did the anime page differently because I wanted to make a detail anime review, but because I don't have too much time, I just did an overview of the review instead of a more detailed one. Because the page need to be wider so I left it as a seperate looking page. Also, since I've made it already. The Anime Review page is the only one active to click on in this archive after you click on the link on the picture. The review page is made in GoLive CS2, and I have to insert it in the right place for it to be alphanumatic sorting. Version 2.0 uses mySQL so I don't have to manual sort anymore. Database is a cool thing. Dec2005 - 20Sep2007

   Version 4.2
I only had this version for 3 months. In June of 2005, I didn't have a webhost anymore so it was gone from the internet. This version is only slightly different then the last version. The height of the content area is slightly bigger, and all title's is image versus text. I signed with Yahoo in Dec of 2005 cause they were having a sale so the new version 5.0 is live around Dec 12, 2005. 30Mar2005 - Mid June 2005

   Version 4.1
This version could have been called version 5.0 but most of the things actually is like the last version. The picture for instant, is basically the same, it's just that I moved it to the right side. The color scheme is the same, I just made most of it the blue color. The menu is changed from horizontal to vertical. That is all the changes. In the picture sections, it's still the same, I didn't change anything there since it works, and the menu is still horizontal. Edit this page using Adobe GoLive 5.0, then finally upgrade to GoLive CS. 30Sep2003 - 30Mar2005

   Version 4
This is a good version and I sort of wanted to keep it. But I thought it's time for a slight change. Since I like the color, I decided to keep the basic colors but change the look a bit. It's shorter so browsers can see all of it even if they got like yahoo bars, google bars and whatnot. Version 4 don't really give you that if you got a lot of things on the page. Oct2002 - 30Sep2003

   Version 3.1
In Version 3.1, I added more random picture then Ver3.0. This time on the right side. As you can see I have extended the top bar. I really like this page but there is way too many graphics and people on dial-up modems have to wait a long time to view anything so that is why I changed to the next version around oct2002. Jul2002 - Oct2002

   Version 3
This version is very different from the rest. It is also hosted on my cousin's computer and I can do cgi on it so I added random pictures and stuff. There is mouseover tricks here as well that make the anime charactor on the lower left say different things. It was optimised for 800x600 but I wanted to make it more for 1024x768 so I updated a few months later. Apr2002 - Jul2002

   Version 2.2
I changed the color and changed the menu to a table form with a background. I did this because I finally got a html editor and table making is very simple. I don't have to type everything out by hand. I made it with GoLive 5.0 and still hosted on angelfire. I stopped using this site around Dec2004. So this site is gone now. Aug1999 - Dec2004

   Version 2.1
I got rid of the frame and put the menu in the middle. I think I did this just because the page is not working properly on Netscape. Same thing, I typed everything out on notepad. This page is the same host at angelfire owned by lycos. Apr1999 - Aug1999

   Version 2
This one I liked and it has a menu on the left and content on the right. It uses frames and some mouseover tricks. It worked great on IE, but Netscape stretch the mouseover pictures so it looks weird. I typed everything out in notepad. This was hosted on angelfire. Feb1999 - Apr1999

   Version 1
My first webpage is hosted on WhoWhere.com, but they were bought out by lycos and got discontinued. I don't have a picture for it in my hard drive so there is no link. It was my first try at webpages and I didn't like it too much. Everypage has a different background which I thought it was cool back then. It look totally different from all my other pages. I typed out all the code on notepad. Nov1998 - Feb1999