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   My Medals
The above is all the decorations I've received in my 4 years in the Navy. This is what I would have worn if I am wearing my dress uniform. The medals and the name tag will go on the right of the chest and the ribbons and ESWS (explained down there) will be worn on the left. No other uniform need to have the medals to be worn, but instead the equevalent ribbons will be worn together with the other ribbons.

This is the "National Defence" Medal. I got this out of bootcamp. Basically if you join the Military or you are already in the Military and there is a war or conflict, then you will get this. It is saying that you join or you are in a situation where you might have to go into action. There is other medals if you actually do go into action, but this one is just for all Military personnal if they are active at the time of those situations. I got it around Dec of 1994

This is the "Riffle Qualified" ribbon. There is 3 types for this. one is the Qualified, and it looks like that on the left. Another is the Marksman, which will add a M in the middle of that ribbon, and last is the Expert which will add an E on that ribbon and it also comes with a medal as well. I only got the Qualified, which I thought was good already since it was only my first time shooting a M-16 and I got it. Never got a chance later to qualify for more. I got it around Sep 1995

This is the "Navy Efficiency" ribbon. Also known as the Battle "E" Even though it is just a ribbon, it is the highest ribbon/medal I have. That is why when I wair it, this will be at the top of all the ribbons. It is not the very top though, it is just the top of all the ones I have. The way to get this ribbon is that your ship have to compete against other ships in all sort of things departmentally, and whoever is the top will get it and so everyone on the ship will get it. I got this when I was Temporary stationed at USS Anchorage LSD-36. I got it around Nov 1995

This is the "Arm Forces Expeditionary" Medal. This is the second Medal I got and the 5th ribbon. We did this exercise with the Marines and some Arm Forces from another Country so all the people involed get to have this medal. The exercise was taken somewhere in the Golf area. Got this around Dec 1995

This is the "Sea Service" ribbon. It is given out to all the people who is at Sea away from their base for more then 90 days, or 3 months. So I got this around Jan 1996

This is the "Navy Fleet Marine Force" ribbon. It is also a designation which will make you look like you been in the Military for a while. I'll explain about designation in my Rank page. Just find it on the timeline. I got this around Apr 1996

This is the "Good Conduct" Medal. If you are in the Military for 3 years without getting into trouble, then you will get this medal. For every 3 incident free years, you will get one. You just add star to the ribbon when you get more then one. I got it at Oct 1997

This is the "Sea Service" ribbon again. Unlike the one before, this is just my second one I got so I added the bronze star in the middle. Most medal/ribbon awards are the same, if you get more then one of the same thing, they you just add a star for every one you get and on your sixth award of the same thing, you will get a bigger silver star, and that will be your last one of stars you will add. You can get more of the award but you just will look the same on the ribbon. I got this around Nov 1997

This is the "Enlisted Surface Warfare Speciallist" Designation. I will explain the designation in the rank page so find the link on the timeline. I got this around Oct 1997. To get this you have to go to all the ship area and study what all the things are for and the capability of that ship you are on. To make sure you do this, there is a book you have to get signature for to say you did that part before. After you get all the signatures, then you are qualify to take the test. There is a written test that test you on all the things you should have learned. Then if you pass that, then the last part to get this is to have an oral exam. With around 4 people asking you questions and the Caption of the ship sitting there. He ofcourse can ask questions as well. I passed so I get to wear this designation proudly on my uniform.