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   Gas Turbine A-School

Dec 1994 is the time I left my first command, RTC Orlando Florida. I went to the Training Command in Great Lakes, IL. There, I learned the job I would be taking on, the Gas Turbine Engines. It took about four and a half month of training, going through the initial training of hydralic systems and things that's relative to any of the engineering jobs. So I was training with people who is going to be Gas Turbine Engineers, Boilers, or anything that is related to the engine. After about four weeks or six, I can't remember, we get a test and if we pass, then we move on to job specific classes.

So now I am having classes with only people who will be working on Gas Turbine Engines. These four to eight weeks of classes, again I forgot how long these classes are, we studied the Gas Turbine Engines from our books, and looking at models in the hallway. We also moved to the Gas Turbine Engine building, where it's make to house the people who is going to work on Gas Turbines. The classes are on the first floor and you sleep on the second through about fifth floor. That's why there is a model in the first floor hallway for our studies as well as a nice decoration.

Too bad all our classes couldn't be on the first floor, as our last section of classes is four to six weeks in a real Gas Turbine plant. We would have classes in small room with only about three other students, so the training is more personnal. We would be in the class as well as out in the engine room to look at the parts that was taught.

Every week since the second part, we would have a test at the end of the week to see if we pass for that week. If any individual fail the test, then that person will retake that week of training the following week in the other class that is one week behind. Every week there is a new class, so you will always have class to take. Fail twice in the same week, then you are out of the school and send to the fleet.

At the very end, there is a written exam and an oral exam, and they will determine if you pass or not. Once you pass that, you are done and you will be able to select any open possitions that are available. I never failed a test so I never have to repeat a week.