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Welcome to my webpage for Anime Review. As much as I like the other ones on the net, I always feel that they miss something. In my opinion, one of the things that make a story great is thier ending. Since I don't have all the time in the world, I'll just give a score of what I think of the animes.

Here is the breakdown of what I will go over:

  • Name: The name of the anime
  • Year: The year it came out, or my best guess if I don't know. I'll put a ? at the end of the year if I'm not sure.
  • # Episodes: Just like what it said, How many is there.
  • Comment: This is where I'll say if I'm Done, # seen, and not seen will be blank.
  • Review Date: Basically it's the date I review it. If the whole series is not done yet, then it might be updated once in a while but after I watched the whole series, then the date probably will not change
  • Ending: 0 - 10. How much I like how they end it.
  • Overall: 0 - 10. I feel I will use something like 6.5 or somthing like that, but it's still out of 10.

These are for Animes, Manga will be without Music, and Animation will be replaced by Drawing. # Episode, will be # Book. and #Seen will be # Read.

I might ask my friend to do a second review just so you might have a second opinion. The friend will diffenently not do as many as I will do and will only do the ones I did already and of course they watched or read.