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   Shellback Ceremony

This is me when I went through the Shellback ceremony on 10Aug97 on-board the USS Fort McHenry(LSD-42)

There is an old Navy tradition that I celebrated while I was there. The old "crossing the equator" ceremony or Shellback ceremony as it is called.

When a ship pass the equator, the people who crossed it before and been through the ceremony (The Honorable Shellback) get to mess with the people who never crossed it or never been through the ceremony (The Slimy Polywog). The people who get to stand up is the Shellbacks and the ones on there hands and knees are the worthless slimy Wogs. I was one once. These are some pictures from the ceremony. This is me when I am finally a Honorable Shellback

We began this event early in the morning of 5 am and all us wogs have to crawl around all day. Look at the delicious food they are about to serve us. Too bad we can't use our hands to eat it so dunk that head into the plate. This picture is taken on the flight deck of the ship.