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   Civilian Time

I kept most of my days off vacation time and used it all before I left the military. So actually I didn't leave on Sep, but left in Aug. I saved around 45 days. It's good to leave early and got my last military pay check.

Before military people leave the military, they have to go to different classes so they know what to do when they are in the civilian world, because it is totally different then military life. Some people have been in for two years, some four like me, but there is some who is in the twenties or some that was in it for thirty years or more, so they have really no idea how life is outside of the military. They have been "Institutionalized" (from Shawshank Redemption). In those classes, some of the things they teach is how to write a resume, how to interview, as well as taking the SAT for those who is going to college. I think most of the people who I went to class with is either trying to become police or truck drivers. I wonder if that is true for the other classes.

I took the SAT and got slightly higher score then when I was in high school. This is because I was going to college afterward. Good luck to me in college. That's it for my Navy timeline.