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   Back to USA Again

Back to the US of A. Flew from Japan again, and not sailing back. This is the last time I would be deployed as I will be leaving the military in less then a year's time. Time to relax, well not really, since there is still work to do and it's about ten months before I will be leaving. You know those Senioritus you get when you are a senior in High School? Well, there is similar thing in the military. You know your time is short so you don't really do anything and they don't really give you too much stuff because they know you are leaving. This happens usually about four month's left. I had ten months left so I was still working hard.

In the military, you get 2.5 days of vacation time every month so that comes out to be 30 days per year. It looks great and it sounds great, until you use the vacation time and found out it's not that great. The difference is that you have to count weekends as well. So if you take two weeks off, in the civilian world, that means you take 10 days of your vacation days. In the military, you have to take the full two weeks off, so that's 14 days. So the 30 days per year is about 20 per year in civilian time. So I didn't take too much time off when I got back this time around because I want to take it all before I leave, so I saved them all. Yes, you can sell them back when you leave, but I rather leave early then on time with a little more money.