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   Back to USA

Not much to say here. I am back at AUC-5 after six months out at Sea. I Didn't like the small beds that we had on the ship and also you live with your whole department, kind of like when I was back in bootcamp. Also good to be back because I have a car and I can go around and stuff. The bad thing about being back on land is that it's harder to save money. On the ship, there is really nothing to buy so you just save money. You don't have to worry about what cloth you are going to wear after work, or what food to eat if you don't want Navy food. The good thing is that you don't have a six day work week like on the ship. Back to a five day work week, which is much better.

Took some time off to go home away from the military. There is a minimum time before they can send you back out to a six month deployment, so I know I'll have at least a year in the US. I went back on a six month deployment a year and two months later. You can check that out on the Jun97 link above.