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In April of 1995, I went to my perminant station down at Camp Pendleton, Ca. The base is the main one for Marines, but I was stationed at the Navy base inside Camp Pendleton, at Assult Craft Unit 5. The picture on the left is the insignia for my base. We are called the Swift Intruders, which is where I got my webpage name. I worked a lot once I got to this base. I becase the Deck Engineer, or the eyes and ears for the Engineer for my craft LC-57 - the best boat out there. The boats are called LC - XX is because LC is front part of the LCAC or Landing Craft Air Cushioned. Other people that is non-military called the boat a hovercraft. I was stationed on this base for 3 and a half years. In which time, I have gone out twice for six months each. Once I went to the Gulf, and where in Kuwait for the 5 years annaversary of the first Gulf War- Operation Dessert Storm, and the other time, I went to Sasebo, Japan.

Most of the 3 and a half years, I was serving on LC-57 and consider that as my boat, but I have served in other boats as well, like LC-75, LC-63 are the only other ones I'll admit to working on. Below are some pictures on the LCACs. Click on it to see bigger pictures.